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  • The Sleeping Church
    We are in critical times for the Church and our world. While many restaurants have closed, sports stadiums have closed, and businesses have closed, God has locked his Church up in its homes for many reasons, including that the Church would seek the face of God. Although the Bible talks about a sleeping Church, it is high time to wake up and prepare for the world harvest that is coming very soon in the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
  • La Iglesia Dormida
    Estamos en tiempos muy significantes para la iglesia. Mientras muchos restaurantes han cerrado, estadios deportivos han cerrado, y negocios han cerrado, Dios ha encerrado su iglesia en sus casas para que la iglesia busque el rostro de Dios. La iglesia ha dormida, pero es tiempo que se despierte y se prepare para la siega mundial que viene muy pronto en el reino de Jesucristo.
  • COVID-19: God's Fire Drill, with Marcues Baptiste
    Corona. COVID-19. Or God's fire drill for His Church? There's precious people who have faced death, disease, and even financial destruction from this recent pandemic. But what does it mean for the Church? Marcues joins Sparrow.Podcast again to discuss what's on our hearts regarding what the Bible calls "distress of nations". 
  • A Revelation That Binds God
    We read about binding and loosing in Matthew 16. But imagine exercising something in prayer where we bind God to do something! Isaiah 45 makes a bold statement about the power of praying God's work into existence. Listen to hear more!
  • Hebreos 6: La Doctrina de Bautismos
    El bautismo es un tema hablados por muchos, pero cuantos entienden el significado biblicamente? Leemos sobre dos bautismos que ocurren para el creyente del nuevo testamento. Es por medio de estos dos bautismos que recibimos salvacion y el nuevo nacimiento! Sigamos esta series de Hebreos 6!
  • Knowing & Loving Jesus
    The first and foremost commandment hinges on two actions, loving God and loving others as I love myself. Although, how can we love someone we do not know? Every human being is invited to know Jesus and it is a journey that is never ending, yet always fulfilling. This invitation is the reason this podcast exists.
  • Tabernacle Prayer: The Ark
    The ark. Not the one that Indiana Jones popularized, but the biblical ark that represents the very Presence of God. It actually has quite a journey that it took throughout the Old Testament and before we try to figure where it ended up physically, we ought to remember what it means for us spiritually. The ark teaches us some major prayer principles about operating in the power, provision, and principles of God.
  • Hebreos 6: Fe En Dios
    La obediencia es el hecho de la fe, pero el amor es la actitud de la fe. Continuando con nuestra serie de Hebreos 6, discutimos la fe hacia Dios. La fe, un elemento poderoso y fundamental de nuestra relación con Dios, es un principio recurrente en el que debemos crecer. La Biblia dice que vamos de fe en fe y es importante que sepamos qué es esa fe. Analizamos los 14 elementos asombrosos de la fe que impactan nuestras vidas.
  • Tabernacle Prayer: The Altar of Incense & Veil
    Stacte, onycha, galbanum, and frankincense? What's that? Continuing the tabernacle series, we learn about the altar of incense and veil. The altar of incense had some specific ingredients that give us insight about how we ought to offer up prayers unto God. We also look into what the veil is when it comes to growing deeper in God.
  • Hebreos 6: El Arrepentimiento
    Comenzamos una serie sobre Hebreos 6. En este capitulo leemos sobre seis principios o rudimentos que forman la doctrina de Cristo. Estos rudimentos funcionan como fundamento para el creyente del Nuevo Testamento. Sin la fundacion, todo el edificio padece. En la misma manera para el creyente, debemos de tener conocimiento sobre los rudimentos de la doctrina de Cristo para ser fuertes y maduros en Dios. Comenzamos con el primero que leemos en este capitulo - el arrepentimiento.
  • Tabernacle Prayer: The Table of Shewbread
    Moving on from the golden candlestick, we see that a table is illuminated. This table holds the bread that fed those who ministered in the Holy Place. This table of shewbread represents several principles in our lives that impact the effectiveness of our prayers. We need a balance of both the golden candlestick and the table of shewbread in our lives.
  • Contar Nuestras Dias
    Sparrow.Podcast ahora esta en espanol! Bienvenidos! Este episodio cubre el tema de contar a nuestros dias, como leemos en Salmo 90. Dios es infinito y nuestras vidas son breves. Debemos tener una urgencia e intencionalidad para vivir una vida de proposito llena de la voluntad de Dios.   Gracias por tu apoyo! Compartes el podcast en tus redes como Sparrow.Podcast!
  • Tabernacle Prayer: The Door & Golden Candlestick
    Two pieces of furniture addressed in this episode! We finally start addressing the articles of the Holy Place, that inner sanctuary. We look at how we ought to frame our approach to supernatural ministry unto God and allow revelation to come into our lives. This episode discusses some interesting elements of what it means to have the Spirit inside of us. 
  • Tabernacle Prayer: The Brazen Laver
    Continuing our series on the tabernacle and it's pattern for relationship with God, we discover that there is a cleansing process God has instituted for us in order to effectively minister to Him and His people. We are not called to just be cleansed once in baptism, but to be cleansed everyday. How do we do this? Through the brazen laver that now exists in an object that's closer to you than you think.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Tabernacle Prayer: The Brazen Altar
    Continuing our series on the tabernacle, we discuss the importance of "the altar" in our lives. As our bodies are the inner sanctuary of God's Spirit, we must first approach a spiritual altar in order for the ministry of the Spirit through our bodies to be in its proper place. Our supernatural ministry is misappropriated when we do not have the shedding of blood at an altar. Jesus sets our example at Calvary and we follow through our obedience at an altar.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Tabernacle Prayer: Intro
    The tabernacle in the Old Testament was God's divine plan given to Moses for God and Israel to commune together, but His divine plan for communion still continues with the New Testament believer. Now, it's manifested through the ministry of prayer that we can operate in. Much like conversation with others, prayer works effectively when we have a structure that goes with it. In this series, we will dive into the structure of praying through the tabernacle in conjunction with Matthew 6 and Luke 11.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Hebrews 6: Eternal Judgment
    There is a judgment that is going to take place where all of mankind will give an account for their lives. In this episode, we discuss how the Bible breaks down that judgment into two parts, one for believers and another for unbelievers. This episode is a major event that follows up the subject of the previous episode, the resurrection of the dead. Every human being will experience a resurrection, but we must make sure we are a part of the right one.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Hebrews 6: Resurrection of the Dead
    Life after death. It's a very prevalent concept amongst various faiths, but it does not have quite the cohesion without biblical principles and Jesus Christ being in the picture. In this episode, we break down the the two parts of the resurrection that will take place, one for believers and the other for unbelievers. We also look into one element of our daily relationship with God that has EVERYTHING to do with the resurrection we will take part in, in that day.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Hebrews 6: Laying On Of Hands
    The laying on of hands is more than just praying for the sick. The practice actually has Old Testament roots, particularly in the act of giving sacrifices and offerings unto God. Learn about three major ways that the laying on of hands was used throughout the Old Testament and how it affects believers in the New Testament.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Hebrews 6: Doctrine of Baptisms
    Continuing the series on Hebrews 6, we look into the doctrine of baptisms and why there is a plural reference in the verse. We break down the baptisms of water and of the Spirit and look into how they produce the promises of God. This episode may shed some new light on what baptism is all about!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Number Our Days
    We take a break from our Hebrews 6 series to recall a verse in Psalm 90 that talks about numbering our days. We need a fresh reminder from the Lord that TODAY is the day of intentionality. Today is designed for you to make an impact. This frame of mind although stems from the reality that our days are numbered and we must learn to take that into account.
  • Hebrews 6: Faith Toward God
    Continuing our series of Hebrews 6, we discuss faith toward God. Faith, a powerful and foundational element of our relationship with God, is a recurring principle that we must grow in. The Bible says we go from faith to faith and it is important for us to know what that faith is. We look into the 14 amazing elements of faith that impact our lives.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Hebrews 6: Intro & Repentance
    In Hebrews 6, we read about 6 pillars which are the ELEMENTARY teachings of Christ. These 6 pillars form the foundation of His teachings that have Old Testament origins with New Testament applications. If we do not know what these teachings are, we will lack in our maturity with Christ and have an unstable relationship with Jesus. This episode addresses repentance from dead works.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • The Second Eve
    The Bible talks about a first Adam and a second Adam, along with the fact that we know there is a first Eve. But what about a second Eve? We look at what the Scripture refers to as the virtuous woman and how that connects to Christ and the crown He wears. Enjoy!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Submission & Defense
    Spiritual leadership needs help! God wants to release a powerful ministry in the Church through those that will submit to and defend leadership. We learn about a man named Benaiah, whom God favors and gives MUCH personal victory because he submitted to and defended David. Listen to learn more about the benefits of submission to leadership!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Weakness & Foolishness
    As an extension of last week's conversation, today's episode focuses on the biblical perspective of embracing weakness and foolishness. Christ, the wisdom and power of God, was weak and foolish according to the world's system. Why do believers think it should be any different? It is in weakness that God's strength is made perfect, but what does that really mean?   Don't forget to subscribe to the show.
  • Me & The Body with Marcues Baptiste
    Marcues Baptiste, an Evangelist with the United Pentecostal Church International, joins us for an insightful discussion on insecurity in ministry, God's kingdom, and the necessary weakness we must have in the eyes of God. We also discuss how we must have people we trust to help us achieve what God wants us to do for His kingdom. This episode will be a blessing to all! Share it!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Dealing With Offenses
    Jesus said that offenses must come our way! Therefore, we must be equipped with grace and wisdom to navigate these treacherous waters. But we must also consider that offenses reveal much more than what opinion is more valid, but where our love truly resides. Listen for more!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • The Believer's Battle With Abortion
    A very controversial subject is addressed, but not as you may anticipate. The spirit of this age is trying to lead both the sinner and the saint into committing the same sin, so that darkness affects both the believer and the unbeliever. Listen in on this episode to be equipped to overcome in the believer's battle with abortion.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Filthiness of the Flesh & Spirit
    In the Scriptures, we are told to cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. But how can we cleanse our flesh? What's the purpose of having to cleanse both flesh and spirit? What does holiness have to do with all of this? Listen to find out more!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • The Shield of Faith
    Another episode on the armor of God, we see that God has equipped us with faith to defend ourselves and each other. We are called to live and walk by faith, not by sight. This ends up producing a lifestyle element called integrity that we can use in spiritual warfare against the adversary. Faith and integrity are very well connected!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • The Breastplate
    In the Scripture, we are admonished to put on the whole armor of God and each piece has its purpose. In this episode, we discuss the breastplate, which is only made of righteousness because of two  powerful, underlying elements of our relationship with God : Faith & Love. Find out what Paul meant to the Thessalonians & Ephesians when he said this.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Humility & Growth In Ministry
    Someone once said, "For every one person that is lifted up in pride, there are ten who are discouraged." Yet, it's interesting to observe that people fear falling into pride as they grow in ministry. In this episode, we look into how we can grow in humility as we grow in God's kingdom and still be mightily effective.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Repentance & The Mind
    Many people measure repentance by how many tears are shed or how sorrowful they feel. But this is not the primary indicator that God has modeled. It's one thing to behave differently and another to think differently. In this episode, we look into how repentance is a work of the mind and how much we truly need this work.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Passion & Persuasion
    Life is full of persuasion about a million different things and it is possible to be passionate about the wrong thing. In this episode, we look into how we can cultivate a greater sense of passion in our lives and in the lives of others. But, we must learn the power of spiritual persuasion and why we must make a bigger investment than we think.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Pastor or Preacher?
    Is the person who ministers day after day and week after week to  your local church, your pastor or your preacher? One of the spiritual attacks that believers face is in their relationship with their pastor. We must be aware of this because there are significant consequences that can hinder us from further effectiveness.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Grace & Favor
    Is God's grace really His unmerited favor? Is loving someone the same as liking someone? In this episode, we examine the difference between grace and favor and why God wants to empower us to live in both. Grace is much more than a gift from God! Listen for more!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • The Blessing Of Anonymity
    Ever feel like you weren't noticed? Did you feel frustrated, discouraged, angry, burnt out? Many of us have been there. But be encouraged, there is a blessing in anonymity. Listen to today's episode to find out why and how to uncover it.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Prayer
    What is prayer? How can I pray more effectively? Prayer is a channel that opens up the spiritual realm and is where we can find empowerment to desire and do the things that we cannot do in our own ability. God wants to empower us to pray more effectively, but there may be some things that hinder us that aren't so obvious.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • The Best Friend & Worst Enemy of Growth
    In the process of growth, we experience something that could either be the best friend or worst enemy in our growth. If we learn to hand it over to God, we can become more than conquerors through Him. If we take it into our own hands, we will only produce more of it. It's called PAIN. Listen to find out more!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Provoked Unto Love & Good Works
    Why should I gather with other believers? What am I supposed to do when I do gather? In this episode, we look into the biblical strategy on what to do when gathering with others to incite a move of the Spirit that will bring glory to God and blessings into our midst. We can miss the mark by being disengaged from spiritual matters with other believers if we are not careful. Listen for more!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Dealing With Accusations & Confidence In Ministry: Part 2
    Following part 1 of this mini series, we continue looking into Nehemiah's character battles and his enemies: Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem. There are some critical details that are very helpful to us when we deal with accusations and confidence in ministry.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Dealing With Accusations & Confidence In Ministry: Part 1
    In this episode we look into the character challenges that Nehemiah faces as he pursues God's mission. As we grow in ministry, we will face accusation, the voice of envy as a test of character and to see whether or not we will become distracted.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • When God's Revelation Messes With My Theology
    In this episode we discover more of the fact that there are times when God wants to expand our understanding, yet His supreme revelation collides with our limited theology. God wants to take us into a deeper relationship with Him and as we grow in Him, we must be willing to exchange our human limitations for His divinity.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Love, Fear & Vulnerability
    In this episode we dive into the subject of love and it's opposing force, fear. We also look into how important it is to utilize our vulnerabilities to our advantage in God and our relationships with others.   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Humbled or Humiliated?
    In this episode we dive into the difference between walking in humility or in humiliation. In a sincere effort to be humble, we sometimes humiliate ourselves or let our circumstances humiliate us. Listen to find out more about the difference!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Anointed or Talented?
    In this episode, we look into the difference between what it means to be anointed or talented. We need to know the distinction between the two, for our own motives and for our discernment. Listen to find out more!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!
  • Welcome to Sparrow.Podcast with Hector Robles
    In this inaugural episode, Hector Robles discusses the inspiration for Sparrow.Podcast. He also addresses the social media handle, Sparrow.Pocket on Instagram and Facebook and shares some of his story about how his dream of serving others has unfolded. His testimony may inspire you to pursue your dream as well!   Don't forget to subscribe to the show!